Murder Half-Baked

Murder Half-Baked (290 pp, $17.95, ISBN: 978-1-60381-828-5), by Kathleen Delaney, is a cozy murder mystery set in a small town whose residents harbor far too many secrets.


A dead man in the cemetery, another in the bakery. Ellen McKenzie has to find the killer soon … before another death puts a stop to her wedding. The groom is Dan Dunham, Santa Louisa’s Chief of Police. The guest list is growing and Ellen’s dreams of a small, intimate candlelight ceremony are rapidly disappearing. A major distraction is Ellen’s quest to find a new building for Grace House, a halfway house for needy women. Then she finds old Dr. Sadler dead in the cemetery, his head bashed in by the arm of a marble angel. Every suspect is connected to Grace House. After it goes up in flames, all the residents, including one new-born, move in with Ellen and Dan. Will Ellen and Dan ever solve the murders and get their lives back?

“Some time ago,” says Delaney, “a family member had a need for a place like Grace House, and I was amazed to discover how many people are dependent on such homes and the wonderful services they provide. I also liked the idea of a novel where I could use my knowledge of real estate and justify tours of local bakeries. Thanks to their generosity, I am now an expert on the art of the cherry Danish.”

Kathleen Delaney has authored three other Ellen McKenzie mystery novels, using her real estate experience to guide Ellen. The scenes in the bakery kitchen required extra research, including taste tests.

Murder Half-Baked is available in Kindle ($4.95) and print editions on,,, and Amazon Japan. Bookstores and libraries can order by contacting or through Ingram. Other electronic versions can be purchased on Smashwords or at any of the major online ebook stores.

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