Murder Half-Baked

5 Lips: “If you like cozy mysteries at all, you’ll love this story; I know I did.”
Rose, Two Lips Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars: “I love a good murder mystery and this one seems to have all the right ingredients …. Murder Half-Baked is a cracking good mystery, which you won’t guess before it is time.”
Patrizia Murray, Manic Readers

Murder Half Baked is an exciting and fun mystery that will keep the pages turning.”
Small Press Bookwatch/Midwest Book Review

“At the center of Murder Half Baked, itself a delightful mix of humor (wedding plans going astray) and crime (murder and arson), are Ellen and Dan, two people who seem ideally suited for each other and really make this mystery so enjoyable. The Grace House women, who are all suspects in the fire that burned down their residence, are a diverse group of characters, and interesting in their own way. Despite all the diversions that are presented to Ellen and Dan (and, by extension, to the reader), the storyline is easy to follow making this overall a fast, entertaining read.”
Mysterious Reviews

“From the first sentence to the last paragraph, I could not put this book down. This page-turning mystery kept my attention as the story played out with many of the pieces coming together in a surprising twist. With strong characters, great conversations and intriguing storylines, this is the best one yet in this charming series.”
—Dru’s Book Musings

“A fascinating mix of a harried woman trying to carry on with her business affairs, plan for a wedding with too much help from others, and assist her fiancé in solving a crime which may well involve someone Ellen knows. Delaney has a flair for turning mundane matters into intriguing background for a murder mystery.”    Read more…
John A. Broussard, I Love a Mystery

And Murder for Dessert

“Harvest Festival Dinner at the Silver Springs Winery sounds ideal, and it is—until master chef Otto turns up dead before the sumptuous final course in Delaney’s auspicious first outing in California wine country. Real estate broker Ellen McKenzie and her fiancé, chief of police Dan Dunham, are soon embroiled in the case. Ellen’s niece Sabrina and Sabrina’s new husband, Mark Tortelli, were counting on this splashy event to solidify their reputation as new managers of Silver Springs—especially since there’s some question as to why they left their last job. The legendarily cantankerous Otto had numerous fans but even more foes, including Mark’s father. Feuding shareholders and real estate developers further threaten the winery’s tranquility, and Ellen must sift through all the drama to find the killer, while planning her wedding and solving family problems. Delaney’s choice of setting, gossipy milieu and colorful (if somewhat predictable) suspects help to keep Ellen scrambling and move the action right along.”
–Publishers Weekly

“Spotting the killer is easy, but congenial characters make Delaney’s debut an enjoyable addition to the cozy scene.”
Kirkus Reviews


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